Tickets available in the gate – Sometimes we surprise ourselves – and this year is no exception – if you have enjoyed the music from all our previous years then this year will knock you out !.

h and c landI mean what about this? – the fabulous Hue and Cry will grace the Rugfest stage on Saturday the 21st of June -

baggyAnd if that wasn’t enough – our Friday Headliners are none other than  “Will and the people”

Wallingford’s Summer Music Festival, Rugfest, is back for 2014. On the 20th and 21st of June at the Hithercroft Sports Park the Rugfest Team of Wallingford RFC will delight you with amazing bands, delicious food, mouthwatering drinks, festival stalls and and all the silliness you could ever need to keep the whole family entertained. So turn up, enjoy and if you need to, take advantage of our camp site too.

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Hue and Cry
Will and the people
My Darling Clementine
The Police Academy
Happy Jellyfish
Young Art at Work
Winter Mountain
The Rug REST !
Land of the Giants
Robert Bearsby
The Occasional Orchestra
Beer at Bar THP !
Charley Coombes
Spring Offensive
What goes where?
Kitten and the Hip
The Unusual Suspects
Face Painting
Kid's Stuff !
Kitten and the Hip
Si Cranstoun
Fun for big kids too
Blake's Heaven
The Lucky Strikes
Boing !!
Never too old !
Richard the 'phobe
The Occasional Orchestra
Felix Fables
Violet (Roo) Hewitt
Let's Dance
Tom Williams
Hope and Glory
Kitten and the Hip
The Occasional Orchestra
Sunshine and Smiles
Scarlett Quinn
Yes... Rugfest !
Boat to Row
That's where I left her...
Le Rac Shack
Unusual Suspects
The Fallows
Mask Makers
Kitten Quinn
Tubes n Stuff
Yup Jess - Blue !
Mexican yum !
Felix Fables
The Teeth gettin' low..
Frenzied Cool
Hulloooo you
Ian Rocks it !!!
What a look ?
Boat to Row
Scarlett Quinn (Kitten)
Katey Brooks
Lovin' it !
The Lucky Strikes
Kitten and the Hip
Mad for it Crowd
Strikes Rockin out
The Vicars of Twiddly
Stein - The Teeth
Earthquake !!!
Ash Slater - the Hip
That's Lucky
Lem and The White Fire
Lovin' this Festy
6 Feet of Snow
Big Tackle
Big 500
The Fallows
Felix Fables
The Lucky Strikes
Fleur Stephenson
Weather for Rugfest
Today Sunday Monday
It is forcast to be Partly Cloudy at 10:00 PM BST on October 25, 2014
Partly Cloudy
It is forcast to be Mostly Cloudy at 9:00 PM GMT on October 26, 2014
Mostly Cloudy
It is forcast to be Partly Cloudy at 9:00 PM GMT on October 27, 2014
Partly Cloudy

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